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  • Beaverhead Fire Dist. #2

    405 N. IDAHO STREET DILLON, MT MEETING NOTICE TUESDAY May 21, 2024 5:00 PM AGENDA: I. Call to order II. Approval of Minutes from 04-16-2024 meeting Public Comment III. Approval of Warrants Public Comment IV. Old Business Public Comment V. New Business Public Comment VI. Chiefs Report Public Comment VII. Public comment on subjects under the jurisdiction of Beaverhead Fire District #2 that is not on the agenda. VIII. Adjournment

  • Montana Western Professor Dr. Shay Kidd Honored With Teaching Award

    Dr. Shay Kidd, an Associate Professor at the University of Montana Western, has been recognized with a teaching award from the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University. This award acknowledges Dr. Kidd's exceptional contributions and dedication to mathematics education. Dr. Kidd serves as an Associate Professor in the Education division at Montana Western, specializing in teaching the mathematics methods course for Elementary and Secondary Education majors. His commitment to teaching extends beyond the university setting as he actively engages as a K-12 teacher for Idaho’s online school, maintaining a direct connection with students and integrating current educational experiences into his teaching at Montana Western. Dr. Kidd played a significant role in Montana’s revision of K-12 Mathematics Standards. His contributions ranged from revising existing standards to ensuring a seamless development of mathematical themes across grades. Notably, Dr. Kidd advocated for the inclusion of cultural considerations in mathematics teaching, aligning with the state’s focus on Indigenous Education for All (IEFA) aspects. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Dr. Kidd was selected for the teaching award funded by Dr. William Stannard, a generous donor to the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Montana State University. This annual award celebrates Montana faculty members who exemplify superior mathematics teaching outside of Montana State University. Upon receiving news of the award, Dr. Kidd expressed gratitude and dedication to advancing mathematics education. He continues to enhance his teaching practices through fieldwork at Montana Youth Challenge and remains actively involved in community initiatives such as Cub Scouts and Girls Scout groups in Dillon. “This is an unexpected honor and I am truly humbled to receive it. I look forward to many more years of learning myself, as I get to teach at the University of Montana Western,” said Kidd. To learn more about the University of Montana Western, please call 877-683-7331 or visit

  • Docs And Dogs Barrett Hospital Celebrates Hospital Week With A Four-Legged Surprise Visit

    Barrett Hospital and Health Care has been celebrating Hospital Week all week long. The Hospital has had different activities planned throughout the week, for the staff, as a way to show how much they appreciated them and a heart felt thank you. On Wednesday May 15th the staff got a special visit a few lucky dogs from the Beaverhead County Animal Shelter came to help them unwind. The rambunctious four legged friends eagerly awaited staff members to come out play with them and to go on a walk. According to Christie Trapp "This unique initiative is not just about bringing joy to our hospital staff; it also highlights the therapeutic benefits of animal interactions. Research shows that spending time with animals can help reduce stress, improve mood, and promote overall well-being." All those who participated fell in love with their furry friends a few snapped a couple picture to send home to a spouse to show them what might come home with them. But best of all the health care workers took a few minutes out of their day to unwind and spend some time with the shelter animals. Enjoy the photo gallery below.

  • UMW Student Gracie Stanton Honored As Newman Civic Fellow

    Campus Compact, a national coalition of colleges and universities working to advance the public purposes of higher education, has named the student civic leaders from 38 states, Washington, D.C., and Mexico who will make up the 2024-2025 cohort of Newman Civic Fellows. Gracie Stanton, a student at the University of Montana Western, was named as a member of the cohort. The Newman Civic Fellowship is a yearlong program that recognizes students who stand out for their leadership potential and commitment to creating positive change in communities. The fellowship is named for the late Frank Newman, one of Campus Compact’s founders, who was a tireless advocate for civic engagement in higher education. In the spirit of Dr. Newman’s leadership, each fellow is nominated by their campus president or chancellor, who is invited to select one exemplary community-committed student from their campus each year. UMW cohort Gracie Stanton is a third-year student and active campus and community leader. She is a peer-to-peer mentor in our TRIO Student Support Services program, where she plans engagement events for first-year students and serves as a first point of contact for student issues. She is also a member of the Student Leadership Academy on campus. This group focuses on developing a community of campus leaders and promoting professional development across campus. She is also committed to youth health and wellness in the broader community. She currently teaches for the Dillon Martial Arts studio, teaching young people about the importance of discipline, health, and confidence. “We are incredibly proud of Gracie for being selected as a Campus Compact Newman Civic Fellow. This prestigious recognition highlights her exceptional commitment to community service and civic engagement. Gracie embodies the values of leadership, compassion, and dedication that we strive to instill in all our students at the University of Montana Western. Her efforts are a testament to the positive impact that one individual can have on their community, and we are excited to see how she will continue to drive meaningful change both locally and beyond,” said Montana Western Chancellor, Michael Reid. Through the fellowship, Campus Compact provides these students with learning and networking opportunities that help to nurture their development as civic leaders. Programming emphasizes personal, professional, and civic growth that can empower them to collaborate effectively across disciplines and create large-scale positive change. The cornerstone of the fellowship is the Annual Convening of Newman Civic Fellows, which offers intensive in-person skill-building and networking over three days. The fellowship also provides fellows with pathways to apply for exclusive opportunities, including mini-grants to help fund community projects, scholarships, and post-graduate opportunities. “We are honored to recognize such an outstanding group of community-committed students,” said Campus Compact President Bobbie Laur. “One of the best parts of the Newman Civic Fellowships is the richness of students’ perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds—and how these varied stories all led to their passionate engagement with the social, political, and environmental issues impacting our world. These students will be the catalysts for change on many levels, and we are privileged to help empower them to create that change.” To learn more about each of the student leaders selected for this year’s cohort, visit

  • Bulldog Volleyball Announces 2024 Schedule

    Lindsey Branch, UMW Sports Information DILLON, Mont. – University of Montana Western sixth-year head volleyball coach Katie Lovett has announced her team's schedule for the 2024 season. The slate includes three preseason non-conference tournaments, as well as the annual Frontier and North Star crossover that splits up the 15-match slate of Frontier Conference action. Montana Western begins the season Aug. 16-17 in Caldwell, Idaho for the College of Idaho Preseason Tournament. UMW opens with powerhouse and 2023 NAIA national tournament semifinalist Viterbo University (Wis.). They will then follow with a tough Morningside University (Iowa) on the opening day. They close out the weekend with host College of Idaho, followed by another big matchup with 2023 NAIA tournament semifinalist Eastern Oregon. After packing a punch with their opening weekend, the Bulldogs then travel to Louisiana where they will face Webber International (Fla.), Loyola (La.), and Texas Wesleyan from Aug. 23 through the 24. UMW finishes its preseason tournament play at Ottawa University Arizona from Aug. 30-31 as they face Arizona Christian, Ottawa University Arizona, and Embry Riddle (Ariz.). "We have a really competitive preseason schedule lined up for us this year. The College of Idaho tournament always brings in phenomenal competition that will challenge us right away," Lovett said. "The Loyola tournament is another one we are really looking forward to, especially getting to play teams we do not typically see over our direction. OUAZ is always a great tournament to finish up with getting to play good competition to get us ready for a very tough Frontier Conference." The Bulldogs open their Frontier schedule at home as they host MSU-Northern on Sept. 13. UMW is set to play three matches against all Frontier opponents, with the schedule being split down the middle by the Frontier and North Star crossover that is hosted this year by Rocky Mountain College. The Bulldogs will face Valley City State (N.D.), Jamestown (N.D.), and Dickinson State (N.D.) from Oct. 10-12. "As usual, all of the Frontier teams are going to be tough opponents. Even teams that graduated big playmakers have brought in great talent to not skip a beat," Lovett continued. "We competed well this spring and worked really hard to put us in a good mindset for this upcoming season." Frontier action will culminate with the 2024 Frontier Conference Tournament on Nov. 15-16 that will be hosted by MSU-Northern this year. The Bulldogs will look to channel the late season magic of the 2023 season and claim an NAIA playoff berth following the tournament. "Post season is always a fun time at the Conference Tournament, and we are hoping to put ourselves in a good position through the regular season to make the most of the opportunity the tournament presents," Lovett said. To view the fill schedule, click here.

  • Finance Committee Meeting

    125 N. Idaho St. City of Dillon, Montana FINANCE COMMITTEE MEETING May 16th , 2024 9:00 a.m. ~ AGENDA ~ 1. Discuss/Recommend FY 2024-2025 Budget Items a. Water & Sewer i. Water Utility ii. Water Reserve for Replacement iii. Capital Project River iv. Sinking River Crossing Bond v. Sewer Utility vi. Sewer Reserve for Replacement vii. 2015 Waste Water Plant b. Streets i. Lighting District #33 ii. Sprinkling District #1 iii. Street Maintenance District iv. Gas Tax v. Gas Tax – Special Road vi. Reserve for Street & Alley vii. Reserve – Sweeper viii. Reserve Fund for Shop viiii. Reserve for Street x. Idaho Street Project 2. Public Comment on Items of Significant Public Interest Not on The Agenda And Within The Jurisdiction of The City 3. Adjournment Committee Members: Russ Schwandt, Chairperson, Anneliese Ripley

  • Regular Meeting City Council

    May 15th, 2024 7:00 P.M. REGULAR MEETING OF THE CITY COUNCIL AGENDA PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE A.           MINUTES 1.         Approve May 1st, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes 2.         Approve May 1st, 2024 Public Hearing Minutes 3.         Approve May 6th, 2024 Special City Council Meeting Minutes B.           PETITIONS AND COMMUNICATIONS 1.            Arbor Day Proclamation C.           MAYOR’S REPORT 1.         Council President’s Changes to Committee’s 2.         Discuss/Approve Legal Services Agreement 3.         Review Termination of Legal Services Agreement Dated May 6, 2024 4.         Discuss/Approve Agreement between The City of Dillon and Local #7774 for Fiscal Year 2024-2025 D.        REPORTS OF OFFICERS AND BOARDS OF THE CITY 1.         Library Board - Diane Armstrong, Council Member; Lori Canady, Library Director 2.         Planning Board - Bill Shafer a.         Accept April 18th, 2024 Special Meeting Minutes b.         Accept April 25th, 2024 Special Meeting Minutes i.          Approve Clover View Minor Subdivision Preliminary Plat c.         Accept May 2nd, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes i.          Approve Resolution of Intent No 1457 Setting Public Hearing to Vacate Streets in Tully Springs ii.          Approve Resolution of Intent No 1458 Setting Public Hearing to Accept Streets 3.         Zoning Commission -  Raymond Graham, Russ Schwandt a.         Accept April 23rd, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes b.         Accept April 23rd, 2024 Public Hearing Transcript c.         Accept April 30th, 2024 Special Meeting Minutes d.         Accept May 6th, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes i.          Discuss/Approve Findings of Fact Clover View Annexation & Zoning ii.          Approve Resolution of Intent No 1459 Setting Public Hearing on Zoning/Annexation of Clover View Subdivision iii.         Approve Resolution No 1460 Annexation and Zoning of Montana Western Athletic Complex 4.         Board of Adjustments - Diane Armstrong, Joleen Schultz 5.         Director of Operations – Kristina Abbey 6.         Police Department – Police Chief Jeremy Alvarez a.         Accept the April 2024 Incident Report 7.         Fire Department -- Fire Chief BJ Klose a.         Accept the April 2024 Activity Report b.         Accept the City Clerk Report for Fire Hall for April, 2024 c.         Accept the Budget vs. Expenditures for Fire Hall for April, 2024 8.         City Court – Judge Bill Knox a.         Accept April 2024 Court Report 9.         Treasurer – Karen Kipp 10.       Tree Board – Mary Jo O’Rourke E.         REPORTS OF STANDING COMMITTEES OF THE CITY COUNCIL 1.         Judiciary Committee – Raymond Graham, Diane Armstrong 2.         Finance Committee – Russ Schwandt, Chair; Anneliese Ripley 3.         Fire and Order Committee – Russ Schwandt, Chair; Bill Shafer, Mary Jo O’Rourke 4.         Health and Welfare – Bill Shafer, Chair; Diane Armstrong, Joleen Schultz 5.         Cemetery Committee – Diane Armstrong, Chair; Mary Jo O’Rourke, Anneliese Ripley 6.         Parks Committee – Raymond Graham, Chair; Diane Armstrong, Joleen Schultz 7.         City Hall Committee – Raymond Graham, Chair; Mary Jo O’Rourke 8.         Street and Alley Committee – Russ Schwandt, Joleen Schultz a.         Approve May 6th, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes 9.         Water and Sewer Committee – Bill Shafer, Chair; Russ Schwandt, Anneliese Ripley a.         Approve May 2nd, 2024 Regular Meeting Minutes F.         PUBLIC COMMENT ON ITEMS OF SIGNIFICANT PUBLIC INTEREST NOT ON THE  AGENDA AND WITHIN THE JURISDICTION OF THE CITY G.        ADJOURNMENT PLEASE NOTE: The City of Dillon understands that citizens have the right under the Montana Constitution to observe and participate in local governmental affairs by personally attending all public meetings of the Dillon City Council and other City boards and committees. This meeting is open to the public as normal. Join the meeting with Zoom ID: 770-316-6528, allowing permission for microphone and camera (if using a computer go to and use Passcode 4245. Please mute your microphone until you desire to comment. Any problems or questions, call City Hall at 683-4245.

  • Parks Committee Meeting

    PARKS COMMITTEE MEETING City Council Chambers Wednesday May 15 th , 2024 4:00 P.M. AGENDA 1. Call Meeting to Order 2. Discuss/Recommend Making Jaycee Park Dog Free 3. Update on Vigilante Park Lights and Cameras 4. Discuss/Recommend Park Projects 5. Update on Parks from Parks Maintenance Leader 6. Public Comment on Items of Significant Public Interest not on the Agenda and Within the Jurisdiction of the City. 7. Adjourn Parks Committee Members: Raymond Graham (Chair); Diane Armstrong, Joleen Schultz

  • Fatal Crash Reported In Deer Lodge County

    From Montana Highway Patrol Friday, May 10, MHP reports a one vehicle accident involving a fatality. A Ford pickup truck traveling in the westbound lane at milepost 201 went halfway into the median, when the driver tried to correct, they lost control. The vehicle slid sideways across both lanes before leaving the right side of the roadway. The vehicle slid down an embankment and into a ditch. The vehicle overturned multiple times and both occupants were ejected. The driver was later pronounced deceased at the hospital.

  • 2024 Rural Schools Track Meet Results

    Results of the 2024 Rural Schools Track Meet, May 10 The top scorers for each of the classifications: Kindergarten Girls: 1 st Ava Welch (Wise River); 2 nd Anna Reeves (Alder) Kindergarten Boys: 1 st Fox Cottingham (Wisdom); 2 nd Eowyn Thompson (Alder) Class D Girls: 1 st Kaylynn Zahn (Reichle); 2 nd Laney Fitch (Reichle) Class D Boys: 1 st Roman Johnson (Lima); 2 nd Blake Schuler (Lima) Class C Girls: 1 st Callie Rainsdon (Lima); 2 nd Haylee Kellogg (Lima) Class C Boys: 1 ST Keegan Bailey (Lima); 2 nd Oliver Stevenson (Wisdom) Class B Girls: 1 st Kooper Stevenson (Wisdom); 2nd Baylee White (Riechle) Class B Boys: 1 st Zaiden Laurie (Wisdom); 2 nd Easton Wellman (Lima) Class A Girls: 1 st Isabell McQuiston (LIMA); 2 nd Travee Carpenter (Divide) Class A Boys: 1 st tie Cameron Breitsman (Divide) and Scheyer Haws (Lima) Team scores were not kept. The directors (managers) of the track meet were Alyssa Smith from Jackson and Kacen Shank from Polaris.

  • First Responders Called Out To Early Morning Rollover

    Dillon, MT First responders were called out to an early morning rollover Monday morning on highway 91 South. A Buick Encore with a single occupant swerved to miss a deer overcorrected and ended up rolling into the burrow pit. The driver of the vehicle sustained no injuries.

  • Three Black Bears Euthanized After Repeated Conflicts In Missoula Neighborhoods

    MISSOULA – Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks trapped and euthanized three black bears today in Missoula that were responsible for repeated conflicts in Missoula neighborhoods. The conflicts began last fall and picked up again first thing this spring. FWP wildlife specialists reported that the female and two subadults began getting into garbage, bird feeders, garages, and other attractants last fall in Missoula’s Rattlesnake neighborhood, as well as in some temporary camps and tents along the Clark Fork River in Missoula. FWP and local residents worked to secure attractants last fall, but even after the winter, the family group of bears remained in neighborhoods and around homes and local businesses in the middle of town, exhibiting bold behavior that indicates they were conditioned to these food sources. Once bears become conditioned to garbage and other attractants, it is a habit that is very hard to break and causes human safety concerns. Unfortunately, when bears start showing extreme food conditioned behavior, the only way to prevent further conflict is through euthanization. Preventing bears from becoming food conditioned in the first place is always best, and FWP helps communities avoid bear conflicts by working with local neighborhoods and residents to secure attractants that can lure bears in. FWP recommends that in addition to keeping garbage in bear-resistant garbage cans or in a secure building until the morning of trash collection, remove bird feeders when bears are out; consider using electric fencing around chickens, garden areas and compost piles; and move attractants such as pet food, barbecue grills and ripe fruit indoors or into a secure building. Bear-resistant garbage containers or enclosures are required within the newly expanded Missoula Bear Buffer Zone. The new rules, adopted last fall, go into effect in phases, and are an important part of conflict prevention, although it will take time for some bears to adjust their habits. After years of accessing uncontained garbage, certain bears will continue to persistently attempt to get into secured garbage. Phase 1 of the expanded Missoula Bear Buffer Zone applies to Missoula’s Rattlesnake and Grant Creek areas and began on April 30. For information on the Bear Buffer Zone and the Missoula Garbage Ordinance see the Missoula County page on bears and wildlife or its Bear Smart Missoula page. For more information on living, working, and recreating in Montana’s bear country, visit the FWP Bear Aware page at

  • Bulldog Track & Field Earns Five All-Conference Selections

    Lindsey Branch, UMW Sports Information DILLON, Mont. – With the completion of the 2024 Frontier Conference Track & Field Championship on Monday, the conference has announced the 2024 Frontier Men's and Women's Track & Field All-Conference Teams. Five Bulldogs earned all-conference honors in various events. To be selected to an all-conference team, a student-athlete must place in the top three of an event at the conference championship meet. Isaiah Thomas was crowned the Frontier Conference champion in the 100m dash to earn all-conference honors. He also placed third in the 200m dash, earning a second all-conference nod. Brant Heiner earned all-conference honors after he claimed second in the 10,000m run. Drake Delude, Brody Henry, Landon Hayes, and Thomas all earned all-conference honors after they claimed third in the men's 4x400m relay.

  • Celebrate Mother’s Day With Free Fishing

    Conservation License still required HELENA – Want to do something special for you mom this Mother’s Day? Take her fishing. No fishing licenses will be required Mother’s Day weekend, May 11 and 12. Whether she’s an experienced angler or new to the sport, it’s a great opportunity to get your gal outside. While a fishing license is not needed, a Conservation License is still required to access most state lands including fishing access sites, wildlife management areas and wildlife habitat protection areas (WHPA). In 2021, Gov. Greg Gianforte signed into law Senate Bill 61, which makes it free for anyone, resident and nonresident, to fish in Montana on Mother’s Day. Montanans have enjoyed free fishing on Father’s Day weekend for more than 10 years.

  • Get Ready For The Beaverhead Treasure Hunt

    The Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture is thrilled to announce the return of the Beaverhead Treasure Hunt in partnership with the University of Montana Western Glass Arts Program and Club. Now in its fourth year, this exciting geo-tourism event promises adventure and discovery for visitors and residents alike. This year, students from the University of Montana Western’s Glass Arts Program have hand-crafted 200 colorful mushrooms, which will serve as the prized treasures hidden throughout Beaverhead County. From Memorial Day through Labor Day, these whimsical glass paperweights will be discreetly tucked away in local businesses, waiting to be found and claimed by lucky treasure hunters. To participate, simply keep your eyes peeled during your Beaverhead County adventures. Once you discover a mushroom, notify the Beaverhead Chamber of Commerce & Agriculture by providing your name and the location where you found it. By doing so, you’ll be entered into a drawing for a chance to win $100 in Chamber Bucks! Don’t forget to capture the moment with a selfie alongside your Mushroom and send it to Rules of the hunt: 200 paperweights will be hidden from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Paperweights remain hidden rain or shine. One paperweight per person per summer, and it’s yours to keep! Feel free to share the joy of discovery with friends and family. Treasured words of advice: We encourage exploration and discovery; the goal is for the paperweights to be found! Paperweights are cleverly hidden in plain sight within public areas of local businesses and historical sites. Please respect these locations and avoid disturbing the surroundings. In an exciting addition to this year’s event, the Beaverhead Trails Coalition will host a Family Fun Day at the Dillon Town Overlook Trailhead on June 1, 2024, from 12:00 – 5:00 p.m. Activities will include a fun walk/run up past the iconic “M,” where 25 additional mushrooms will be hidden along the trails. The drawing for the $100 Chamber Bucks prize will take place in September. For any questions or to submit your mushroom selfie, please call 406-683-5511 or email Join us for a summer of adventure and discovery with the Beaverhead Treasure Hunt!

  • Beavers Fall To Panthers On Final Home Game Of The Season

    The Beavers closed out the home season Tuesday afternoon as they took on the Belgrade Panthers losing 10 to 2. A strong third inning would seal the Beavers fate as the Panthers would score seven runs on four hits. to take the lead 8 to 1. Marcus Lagunas led the Beavers with one run batted in. Marcus went one for three for the day. Kale Konen, Sawyer Tackett, Andrew Bartlome, Marcus Lagunas, and Keyen Nash each collected one hit for the Beavers. The Beavers turned one double play in the game. The Beavers will travel to Hamilton to take on the Broncs Tomorrow at 3 P.M.

  • Lady Beavers Blow Past Butte Central Maroons

    The Lady Beavers played the Butte Central Maroons on a windy Tuesday afternoon at Ray Lynch Park. The wind would not detour the Lady Beavers with a show of dominance on their home field as they came out on top with a 17 to 1 win. Kylie Konen would be the MVP for the game, driving in four runs on two hits. One of those hits would be a home run into left field in the second inning. The Beaver would come out in the first inning scoring eleven runs. A passed ball scored one run, Kylie Konen singled, scoring one run, Ashlyn Burk drew a walk, scoring one run, Bailey Blake singled, scoring one run, Tyler Gibson singled, scoring one run, an error scored a run, Emily Brevig drew a walk, scoring one run, an error scored one run. Six more runs would cross the plate in the second inning extending the lead to 17-0. Kinzy Creighton tripled, scoring three runs, and Kylie Konen homered to left field, scoring another three runs. The Lady Beavers accumulated ten hits in the game. Katey Vezina, Tyler Gibson, and Kylie Konen each collected two hits for the Beavers. Adyson Creighton led the Beavers with two walks. The Lady Beavers piled up seven walks at the plate. The Beavers collected five stolen bases for the game.

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