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Good Samaritan Saves The Day At Clark Canyon Dam

Saturday, June 22 a family was enjoying the cool water of Clark Canyon when the wind came up and pushed their three year old on a floatie into deeper water. The father tried to swim out to his child but was having trouble getting to the child. The mother called 911 as dispatch was coordinating the call. Charles Wharton was the first to reach the child and ensure her safety, David Peterson was next on scene and along with Eric Waldemar they were able to get the child into the boat, and bring her back to her parents.

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Regarding the Good Samaritan article, Dale Peterson would like it to be known this rescue was a concerted effort. His friend, Charles Wharton, was actually the first Good Samaritan to reach the child and ensure her safety until Dale and Erik Waldemar could reach them in Charles' boat. We live in a great place with great people, all who would go to help anyone in times of need.

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We try to get all the information on the incident, but unfortunately, most times, the police department and Sheriff's Office give us very little info on incidents that have happened. We just reported what was told to us.

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