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Southwestern Montana News is an original, fresh and current news source for everything happening in southwestern Montana.

New Media Solutions

Why pay to have your ad printed on a piece of paper, when most people get their information from their phone, PC, or a plethora of other technological resources? We offer high end video ads, professional quality photo ads, and, best of all, with one mouse click on your ad, it will take the customer to your website or Facebook page.  

Digital is the Now News

We can bring attention to things as they are happening. No more waiting for the weekly paper to find out what has happened in the community and what events you may have missed. We will cover local events and news-related topics as they are happening, or shortly thereafter. 

Our Goal

We want to focus on bringing community awareness through a new type of media. Most stories involving politics and sports, we believe can be found in plenty of other places. We want to help local businesses showcase their unique personalities and what they have to offer. 

By working with us, you have our personal commitment to get the word out about all your business has to offer. From a simple ad to hosting a local event through  livestream media, we can get people talking and push through social media channels in ways we never dreamed of before. Our goal is to make the final destination for locals and tourists alike, to find out what is happening in our area. 

Our motto is simple, “We are good at starting conversations, not fires”. 

Just some of the benefits include:

  • Our business card ads start at just $35 per month. We can either take your business card and scan it onto our website, or we can create an ad unique for you. By signing with us, you get your ad placed on our page each day. 

  • And if you want traffic to your Facebook page or website, we can enable it so that when someone clicks on your ad, they will be directed to these business pages. 

  • If you haven’t set up a Facebook page or website, we can help get you on the right path with that social media avenue. 

  • Our media resources might be just what your business needs to get the word out. Whether its high end photos of what your business has to offer or video content for social media or advertising, we’ve got you covered. We have invested in high end audio and video equipment to give our customers a multitude of options. We look forward to working with you and helping to grow your business in 2020!

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