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Town Pump Foundation Commits to “Keep Kids Reading” with Summer Reading Grants for Libraries

The Town Pump Charitable Foundation has announced a generous program to support Montana public libraries with Summer Reading Programming. Starting in March, any Montana public library will be able to apply for a grant from the Town Pump Foundation to receive $1,000 to support their summer reading efforts for 2022.

The Town Pump Foundation is committed to improving the education of Montana children and has supported a variety of Montana public library summer reading programs throughout the years. They decided to take the support a step further with the Summer Reading Library Grant because of how important this program is for making sure kids continue to learn, read, and explore outside of school.

“Reading is a fundamental skill and a gateway to success in life,” Bill McGladdery, Town Pump Foundation Director, says. “At Town Pump, we understand the benefits to readers that a summer reading program can have, including encouraging life-long reading habits and stimulating interest in the library. Reading exercises the brain over the summer, provides a great summer activity, and helps to strengthen a child’s reading skills.”

These grants will be immensely helpful to many Montana libraries, especially the smaller libraries in rural communities that often have to be creative and innovative on shoestring budgets.

"In the past we’ve relied in generous donations from business and community members for summer reading activities. However, in Summer 2021, we were fortunate enough to receive one of the Town Pump grants, which made planning summer reading a lot simpler,” Carly Vauthier, Assistant Library Director from the Harlem Public Library, said. “That money helped us purchase materials and supplies. We were able to put on a wide variety of programs, and I felt like we had more flexibility to publicize and get kids and community members excited about literacy.”

“We are so appreciative of Town Pump’s generosity and support of public libraries,” Jennie Stapp, Montana State Librarian said. “These grants will have such positive outcomes for not only our libraries, but our communities all across the state.”

To find out more about Summer Reading programs in public libraries, please contact Amelea Kim, Lifelong Learning Librarian at the Montana State Library at or 406-444-0224. You can also visit the Summer Reading webpage at

About the Montana State Library

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