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If Nautical Nonsense Is Something You Wish Come See SpongeBob Square Pants At The Beier Auditorium

Need a break from the holidays, stress, or adulting in general? A great option to check out is The SpongeBob Musical, from The Bank of Commerce Performing Arts Series. This quirky, fun performance is sure to sweep you on a journey away from all you have ever known. Whether you’re familiar with SpongeBob and his friends at Bikini Bottom or a new visitor, you will be treated to music, dance, and an array of whimsical colors to let the inner child free for a few hours.

From the youngest performer to the oldest, each cast member brought their A game and entertained the crowd. The singing was a delight, with some breakout performances by our hero SpongeBob SquarePants played by Jaymes Broughton, a charming Sandy Cheeks performed by Amanda Burgstrom, and a, dare I say likeable villain, Sheldon J. Plankton brought to you by Sara Stevenson. These three, along with their castmates, shined on the stage and magnetized the crowd.

Both kids and adults alike seemed to find this Musical entertaining from start to finish. The nuances of the characters portrayed really shown through and helped transform the stage into the cartoon world we all know and love. This attention to detail helped illuminate the storyline and made the time fly by. Before you knew it, it was intermission time. One of the highlights of the performance was the hilariously fun Patchy the Pirate singing and dancing us back into our seats after the intermission.

The themes of this story weren’t too in your face to ignore the performance, but made for an innocent, enduring backdrop of the performance. The value of friendship highlighted by Patrick and SpongeBob to the daunting challenge of likeability shown through Squidward and his gloomy outlook is relatable to all audiences.

Whether you’re looking for new earworms to delight your December in lieu of holiday tunes or a fresh new take on a familiar character, this performance is sure to stick with you. The cast and crew should be proud of what they have accomplished and presented to the community. We thank them for bringing us yet another outstanding performance to delight the senses.

Be sure to check out the remaining performances, showing Thursday-Saturday, December 8-17 at the UMW Beier Auditorium.

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