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Zoning Commission Meting

Tuesday December 13th, 2022 at 7:00 P.M.

City Council Chambers
Regular Meeting Agenda

a. Call To Order

b. Review and Approval of Minutes of the October 25 th , 2022; November 1 st ,

2022; and November 9 th , 2022 Meetings

c. Director of Operations Report

*Public Comment will be taken after discussion of items d through h by the Zoning

Commission; followed by final discussion by the zoning commission; and final vote by the

commission if necessary.

d. Applications for Zoning Compliance Certificates for Review:

2022-025 Swenson Single Family TBD North Rife St.

2022-028 Swenson Single Family TBD North Rife St.

e. Discussion of Tully Springs Zoning Amendment Application and the Setting of

Public Hearing Date

f. Review/Discussion of Zoning Commission By-Laws

g. Review/Discussion of Fees

h. MSU Local Government Workshop at the University December 14 th , 2022

i. Public Comment on Items of Significant Public Interest Not on the Agenda

and Within the Jurisdiction of the Zoning Commission.

j. Adjournment

PLEASE NOTE: A Zoom link is available. Join the meeting with Zoom ID: 770-316-6528,

allowing permission for mic and camera (if using a computer go to and use Passcode 4245.

Zoning Commission Members: Tim Stoker, Raymond Graham, Jackie Erfle, Russ Schwandt;

Mike Watson, Justin Rooley

2022-12-13 - Zoning Commission Packet
Download PDF • 13.62MB

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