What Are All The Sirens For This Morning?

You may have heard a lot of sirens this morning. It sounded like every cop car in town was called out for something major. But wait, what was that on the pa system? Is that a kid's voice? Yep, some of Dillon's finest showed up in force this morning at the YMCA.

This time it wasn't to arrest those unruly senior swimmers they tend to get in the morning, instead it was for the Kids Summer Camp at the Y. First responders from the Ambulance, Highway Patrols, Beaverhead County Sheriffs, and the Dillon Police were all on hand. Kids got to try their luck at an obstacle course. They were able to get their fingerprints done and best of all they got to play in the cop cars.

Events like this and the support our first responders show to our community help remind us what makes Dillon such a great place to live, the smiles they put on these kids' faces were priceless.

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