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Dillon Shows Support with A Thin Blue Line

The idea was brought to the last City Council meeting by Jack Eddie. During the discussion, some council members brought up the cost of the project. In his letter Eddie stated he would be willing to pay for the cost of this. Mayor Klakken said he would pay for the paint out of his own pocket if it would help with the approval to paint the line.

Eddie suggested that they paint the line on Montana Street, starting from Helena down to Reeder Street. As the solid double line would make a great place for the blue line to run with. After checking with Chief Guiberson the city gave the go ahead.

This morning at 7 A.M. city crews fired up the paint sprayer and ran the blue line starting at The Club Bar and running down to Beaverhead Brewing. Fellow business owners Cory Birkenbuel and Ron Carroll helped lay cones down, as well as chipping in with the cost to cover the paint and the labor.

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