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The Andrus Hotel to Celebrate Grand Reopening

The early days of Dillon was known for being a major stop for those using the train to cross the expanding yet sometimes untamed west. For those getting off on the Dillon stop one of the major complaints was lack of hotel facilities. This was known throughout the US, and it was having a major impact on the town’s capabilities of commercial development. Problem was, no one wanted to step in and finance a project to build accommodations for these people making the stop at Dillon. Mr. Andrus who had been a very successful rancher in Montana, sold his ranch and with the money he made from this sale, he was determined to give Dillon not only a first class hotel, but a monument of real progressiveness and public spirit.

When the hotel was completed in 1916 the investment totaled $165,000. After completion and overseeing the construction process of the hotel. Mr. Andrus stayed with the hotel and managed it; under his guidance it became known as one of the four leading hotels of Montana. With upscale rooms, an array of stores to shop at, and the most unique bell hop, King Pharaoh a 190lb Great Dane, that would collect travelers’ bags at the depot and bring them to The Andrus.

Once a grand and stunning building for Dillon, time would take its toll on the building and slowly it would need some major repairs. The upstairs became apartments and the downstairs would become a furniture store and hold a couple other businesses. Dr John Micha purchased The Andrus and saw the potential of making it the great hotel it once was, after seven long years of renovation, The Andrus is ready to take its place once again, as one of the grand hotels in Montana.

The public is invited to view the many renovations that have gone into making the Andrus grand once again. On July 1st from 4 PM to 8 PM The Open House will include fine food items, libations and tours of the property led by staff.

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