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Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby Results

Search and Rescue Ice Fishing Derby

Submitted by: Mel Rice- Public Relations Officer

The Beaverhead County Search and Rescue held its annual Stan Shafer Memorial Ice Fishing Derby Sunday January 15th at Clark Canyon Reservoir. This is one of the unit’s two fund raising activities. The proceeds from the derby are used to support all the unit’s searches/ rescues throughout the year. It was a beautiful day with approximately 400 individuals scattered across the reservoir trying to catch the big money fish or at least get in the winner’s circle by catching the biggest ling or trout by weight. Tara Remely, derby chairperson, was ecstatic about the number of people that showed up to enjoy a great day of fishing and the number of S&R members that worked the derby. She thought this year’s derby came off without any hitches and was a great success. On behalf of the S&R unit we want to thank Tara Remely, derby chairperson, for all the time and effort she puts in each year to make this event a great success.

Tara would also like to thank all individuals that purchase derby tickets each year with no intention of going out on the ice fishing. You play a huge part in making this derby the success it is. This year there were 1180 total derby tickets sold. The ticket not only allows the purchaser to fish for money prizes but also allows all ticket holders to be entered into the door prize drawings which are drawn on derby day. This year there were 60 door prizes given away due to the generous donations we receive from businesses around the area. You can check with the individual that sold you your ticket as to whether you won something. We will also be contacting winners by phone and have an evening you will be able to pick up your winnings at the S&R building.

Each year the derby sponsors 50/50 splits; we do a split the pot for every $500.00 worth the tickets sold. This year there were 2 $500.00 splits and 1 $150.00 split.

The derby pays out eight cash awards in the adult fishing contest and six cash awards in the kids’ contest. In the adult contest S&R pays on the 4 biggest trout and 4 biggest ling turned in by weight. In the kids contest we pay on the top 3 biggest trout and 3 biggest ling by weight. This year’s winners are:

Adult Contest:


o 1st Place- Richard Reneau Dillon, MT 4 lbs. 06.3 oz. $400.00

o 2nd Place- Christopher Hall Dillon, MT 4 lbs. 04.0 oz. $200.00

o 3rd Place- Braxton Hill Missoula, MT 4 lbs. 03.7 oz. $100.00

o 4th Place- Morgan Zuidema Dillon, MT 4 lbs. 03.1 oz. $ 75.00


o 1st Place- Joshua Barcomb Dillon, MT 4 lbs. 11.4 oz. $400.00

o 2nd Place- Leea Anderson Helena, MT 4 lbs. 05.3 oz. $200.00

o 3rd Place- Rick Nordahl Dillon, MT 4 lbs. 01.7 oz. $125.00

o 4th Place- Dylan Pope Rexburg ID 3 lbs. 5.7 oz. $ 75.00

Kids Contest:


o 1st Place- Dean Weidow Hamilton, MT 3 lbs. 14.2 oz $75.00

o 2nd Place- Emmett Holbrook Twin Bridges,MT 3 lbs. 14.2 oz. $50.00

o 3rd Place- Breanna Parke Boulder, MT 2 lbs. 15.9 oz. $25.00


o 1st Place- Dezzirae Sidmore Dillon, MT 3 lbs. 11.0 oz. $150.00

This year there was only one young person to turn in a ling, so it was decided by the derby entourage to pay out the entire moneys allocated for the kids’ ling contest to the one and only entry…

On a final note, no one caught either of the tagged fish worth the big bucks. Therefore the bounty on each of those fish goes up. Next year one of the tagged fish will be worth $9000.00 and the other will be worth $6500.00. The Beaverhead S&R also wants to remind all fisherpersons that if you catch one of our tagged fish anytime after the derby, they are each worth $100.00. Keep your eyes open, there’s still money swimming around in the reservoir.

On behalf of your Beaverhead Search and Rescue we would like to thank all the businesses and individuals that supported us with donations and ticket purchase for this year’s derby. Also, a hardy thank you goes out to all the S&R members who participated in one way or another putting on this fun event. It is a team effort.

“In the Business of Saving Lives”, your Beaverhead SAR Unit.

Phots courtesy of Beaverhead Search & Rescue

Thank You, Thank You

The Beaverhead Search and Rescue would like to thank the following businesses for selling pre-derby tickets for us.

Rocky Mountain Supply Bob Wards, Butte The Mini High Peaks FCU Frontier Anglers

Womack’s Printing Place Hook & Horn, Wisdom Ralph’s Exxon, Lima The Dell Mercantile

We would also like to thank Safeway Foods and Town and Country Foods for allowing us to have our members set up inside their business and sell tickets the weeks before the derby. Thank you all for your generous assistance in making our fish derby such a success.

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