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St Patrick's Day Bash and Photo Gallery

St Patrick’s day in Dillon, and The Frontier Events Center was the place to be. With a little controversy swirling around the event, and a lot of hard work and last minute of pulling things together, they opened the doors to host the St Patrick’s Day Bash. With main headliners Tim Montana and Blistered Earth, it was sure to be a show no one would soon forget.

Doors opened at 2 P.M. and with other bands playing throughout the night, this offered an array of different music choices suited to anyone’s taste.

Talking with event promoter Ted Deshner of the Party Palace, he said he wanted to bring this to Dillon, with the help of helping the local economy, hotels and other service-based industries that have taken a hit from the pandemic. “Butte is still planning on having festivities, but I wanted to bring this here to this venue.”

As many know, the Frontier Events Center was once the former Shop Ko building and an Alco store before that. Many had hoped a new chain would take it over, but after finding no one, owner Ron Johnson turned it into a place that could host larger crowds and events. In the past they have hosted the Mechanical Bull Riders, the NRA Banquet, and has been home to the Dillon Assembly Church. The building has potential, and as they improve the space bringing it fully up to code, it can turn into a great place to draw crowds and events to Dillon. Watching last night’s show, one can see the benefits of having the events center as a way to draw new business to Dillon.

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