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Spring Black Bear Hunting Season Opens April 15

The spring black bear hunting season starts April 15.

Hunters need to be aware that black bears must be presented for in-person inspection and tagging within 10 days of harvest. The hide and skull must be presented in a condition that allows full inspection and tooth collection (i.e. unfrozen). For local tagging information, contact the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks office nearest to you.

Three Black Bear Management Units have quotas and mandatory 48-hour reporting: Units 510, 520, and 700. When the quota is reached or approached in each of these districts, the black bear season in that district will close.

It's important to know the difference between grizzly bears and black bears. Black bear hunters in Montana are required to pass the Bear Identification test to obtain a black bear license. Montana's Bear Identification Program is intended to prevent the killing of grizzly bears as a result of mistaken identity by hunters.

For more information on black bear hunting, visit

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