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Short Travels: Beaverhead Rock

Short Travels is a new weekly addition to Southwestern Montana News. It might be a quick fishing trip to the Beaverhead River, a hike into a mountain lake, or some of the places in and around Southwestern Montana that offer recreational opportunities. We will provide a quick video of our travels, along with a short article.

Today we decided to go out and fly around Beaverhead Rock. Beaverhead Rock is located 17 Miles North of Dillon on MT-41 heading towards Twin Bridges, MT. You can stop and view the rock's formation from two different pull offs alongside the road, both of which offer historical markers and information on the formation. One can also get closer, as there is a pull off and dirt road after you pass the river. Be mindful because part of this is on BLM ground and other parts of the area are private property. The second pull off provides the best view and has a statue of Sandhill Cranes. You will be able to see the whole rock from this viewpoint, as well as parts of the Beaverhead River and the flooded fields, which usually has a large number of waterfowl in the water.

Beaverhead Rock got its name from the Lewis and Clark Expedition. Sacagawea, a young Shoshone Indian guide traveling with Lewis and Clark, recognized the rock formation and knew she was in the area of her relatives.

According to the journal of Lewis:

The Indian woman recognized the point of a high plain to our right which she informed us was not very distant from the summer retreat of her nation on a river beyond the mountains which runs to the west. This hill she says her nation calls the Beaver's Head, from a conceived resemblance of its figure to the head of that it is now all important with us to meet with those people as soon as possible I determined to proceed tomorrow with a small party...and pass the mountains to the Columbia; and down that river until I found the Indians...without horses we shall be obliged to leave a great part of our stores...

They would soon meet up with her tribe at the place we call Camp Fortunate.

Offering some great views along with a little Lewis and Clark history, this site makes a quick getaway if you're itching to get out. If you have some friends in town or just want to get the kids out of the house, this short drive may just be what the doctor ordered. Next week we will feature another attraction around Southwestern Montana. If you have places you would like us to feature, feel free to leave a comment. As always, thanks for reading and enjoying our news site!

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