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Rotary Club Ice Melt Contest Winners Announced

Results are in for the annual Rotary Club of Dillon Ice Melt fundraiser. The ice on Logan Pond melted and the clock was stopped on April 11th at 12:58:37 PM, which is the latest calendar date for the Ice Melt event in at least twenty years. The first and third prize winner for the best guesses was John Warren, who guessed the ice would melt on April 11th at 10:14:30 AM, or on April 12th at 1:30:30. He will receive a total of $600 for both prizes. The $200 second prize will be awarded to Carolyn Van Slyke for her guess of April 11th at 2:36:05 PM. The winners are invited to be guests for lunch at the next Rotary Club meeting on April 26th at which they will receive their prizes.

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