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Rocky's Roadhouse: A Texas Treat For The Taste buds

With the Leprechaun Dash being held in Sheridan today, we decided to head over and cover the event. We also learned of the Old Mill Restaurant reopening under new ownership and a new menu and name change. Coming into Rocky's Road House, I could tell this was going to be a new experience. As you walk through the door, you are greeted with a warm cabin feeling, tables spaced apart but not crammed together to get every last inch of usable space out of the restaurant at the expense of the customers' comfort. Beyond the dining area, Rocky's Roadhouse has dedicated a separate area of the restaurant for bands to perform Friday and Saturday nights on a stage. The Texas western vibe is heavy in this room, from the decor down to the mounted Longhorn that overlooks the area.

We were able to sit down with Rocky and his wife Susan before the doors opened and have a good long conversation about what goals they had for the restaurant, Rocky's vision of what he wants this to be beyond just any other place you visit along your road trip and how he sees his business integrating into the town of Sheridan. Rocky has been in the restaurant business for over thirty years. He started his first BBQ place in Virginia, then branched off into Texas. After looking for another place that would fit the mold, he began to look else where for his next venture. The old Mill building was what he and his wife had wanted and came at a reasonable price. "We want to create a place that is fun for people, has great local food, good music, and make it a place people need to stop at. Our goal is to be the best in the Ruby Valley, the most recognized in the state." With a motto of 'Treat others the way you want to be treated,' this couple is looking at their restaurant to provide more than a dining experience but rather an enjoyable, positive moment in your day. They expressed their need for constant improvement, and how that is a driving force in their business goals. They hire their employees by seeking individuals who are not just wanting a job, but people willing and able to constantly improve on what they know. They use the Ritz Carlton training, which is the same training five star hotels and restaurants use. "We have weekly training meetings that push our help to always strive to be better and not be satisfied with just being okay," Rocky stated.

Rocky's menu is described as Texas Smokehouse BBQ. With specialties in burgers, chicken, ribs, and brisket. Using his secret wood recipe, his brisket is smoked for fourteen hours. The restaurant also offers the Rock Dog, a beef and pork blend hot dog with his homemade chili, and the unique Rib eye Hamburger. All meat on the menu is wood smoked. And if you're wondering where the name came from, Susan shared the tale when she brought us a pail of peanuts while we were waiting for our food. Apparently when the couple was dating, they were eating peanuts and tossing the shells on the floor. Susan joked with her husband, "What do you think this is? A Roadhouse?" And the rest is history.

Southwestern Montana News has included a copy of the soft opening menu, as well as a list of Refreshments they offer. The soft opening is going on today until 9 pm. After tasting the cheese curds and nachos I would highly recommend a drive over to Sheridan to enjoy this tasty Texas treat.

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