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Rob Harrison Book Signing Local Author Releases 3rd Novel

R J Harrison of Dillon will be the featured author at The Bookstore

during the Art Walk on Friday, May 5th. The third book in the

Eavesdropper series, The Sorcerer's Wife will be the featured title

during the event. The other two books, A Shooting in Bannack and Death

of a Polygamist will also be available. Harrison a 1964 graduate of BCHS

has always been a lover of words and history. Telling stories comes

naturally to him. In his history mysteries he combines history with a

touch of the paranormal and healthy dose of romance creating stories

that are intriguing and engrossing. He deftly weaves history into a

contemporary story.

After high school Rob continued his education graduating from MSU with a

degree in architecture which took him away from his dreams of being an

author. Upon retirement the Pioneer Mountains called him home. In the

newest book, Laura finds herself alone, searching for her lost people.

She is in a strange world surrounded by ancient influences. Faced with

threats from outsiders that don't understand and refuse to believe she

has to trust her instincts and find the strength to keep going. As

always Harrison has crafted a book filled with intrigue, adventure,

romance, mystery and magic. He will be signing books for 5:00-7:00 with

a reading starting at 5:30. If you have any questions please call The

Bookstore at 683-6807.

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