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MT Film Office Looking For Ranch Or B&B To Film At In July

The Montana Film Office has a large production in July and they are having a hard time finding the perfect spot. If you know of a good spot that meets the requirements below feel free to reach out to them .

We have a location request for a Feature Film- Budget- 1.5 million

  • Family Christmas Theme- Hallmark Style

  • Filming Christmas in July- Fake snow used everywhere- usually foam and flakes

  • Need: Guest/Dude Ranch – does not have to be a real guest ranch, just look like one

    • Lodge style building

    • Cabin with fireplace

    • Barn

    • Horses- or have the ability for horses to be brought in

  • Need: Small town for a Christmas Parade- Fake Snow again

  • Need: Photogenic church for wedding scene

Plot- man with children visiting ranch in the winter meets ranch employee woman, falls in love.


  • Lodging for 45- within 45 minutes of location or partially on site

  • Location near some sort of mountain

  • Prep end of June- Film for 16 days in July

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