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The Tabletop Vault Bringing Family Fun To Downtown Dillon

The Tabletop Vault board game store is opening in Dillon on Friday. May 3rd, we sat down with Asa owner of The Tabletop Vault and talked to him on what the store will offer and what gave them the idea to open the store.


Sitting in the store with half-stocked shelves of board games, a counter that was filled with Pokemon cards, Magic cards and a large selection of dice, Asa and I sat down at one of the tables as he told me about his and his wife’s love of board games. They got the idea after having no good way to find games unless they ordered them. Asa and MA, his wife, decided they would open up a store that would carry both board games as well as have a gaming area for people to play games as well as try out a game they would like to purchase.


In January they started to come up with a business plan and pencil out a strategy on the best way to go about setting up the store and finding a good location.


They have spent the last month getting the store repainted, cleaned up and ready for the opening day. The store has a wide selection of board games from the classics like Monopoly to modern day games. They will have a D&D selection along with WarHammer 40,00 supplies models and paints.


The back half of the store has tables for people to gather and play games. I asked Asa if they will have specialty nights like an adult only game night. He said they have had requests for this, and they are looking into hosting events like this in the future.


The Vault will be open Tuesday thru Thursday 10 AM to 7 Pm and Friday and Saturday 10 AM to 9 PM. They will have a calendar on their website that will show events they will be hosting.


You will be able to check out The Tabletop Vault this Friday as they have a ribbon cutting ceremony and grand opening. The store will be open at 10 AM with the ribbon cutting taking place at 4 PM. The Tabletop Vault is located at 26 East Bannack Street and you can find them on Facebook as well.

The Tabletop Vault owner Asa stands next to some of the games they offer

A few of the many card games that can be found at The Tabletop Vault

A few of the many board games that can be found at The Tabletop Vault

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