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Montana Western Is Preseason Favorite To Win 2022 Frontier Conference Football Championship



WHITEFISH, Mont., July 26, 2022 — Montana Western is the preseason favorite to win

the 2022 Frontier Conference football championship in a poll of the league’s head

football coaches.

Carroll College and Rocky Mountain College tied for second in the balloting. College of

Idaho finished fourth followed by Montana Tech, Eastern Oregon, Southern Oregon and


Montana Western received four-first place votes, Carroll College received three-first

place votes and College of Idaho received one-first place vote.

College of Idaho, Montana Western and Rocky Mountain College tied for the conference

championship in 2021 with identical 7-3 conference marks.

Coaches were not allowed to vote for their own teams. First place was worth seven

points, second place worth six points, third place worth five points, fourth place worth

four points, fifth place worth three points, sixth place worth two points and seventh place

worth one point.

  • Montana Western (4) 43 points

  • Carroll College (3) 37 points

  • Rocky Mountain College 37 points

  • College of Idaho (1) 33 points

  • Montana Tech 30 points

  • Eastern Oregon 19 points

  • Southern Oregon 17 points

  • MSU-Northern 8 points

(First-Place Votes in Parentheses)

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