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Measures Taken by the 5th Judicial Court, Beaverhead, Jefferson, and Madison County

Until May 1, 2020 The Fifth Judicial District Court is implementing the following measures:

1. All appearances for hearings must be conducted via vision net or telephone. The Clerk of Court has available the instructions for downloading the moble application that must be used by all the parties unless they have access to a vision net equipped device television.

2. The Judge and Court Reporter will appear remotely from Beaverhead Courthouse For all hearings. The Court Administrator will be permanently stationed in Virginia City or working from home at her discretion.

3. Pleadings must be filed by mail or email in accordance with local District Court Rule 3.

4. For criminal cases:

A. No scheduled criminal trials may be conducted until May 4th, 2020, at the earliest. All deadlines in the previous Trial Setting Orders are continued 30 days. Defendants and their attorneys are encouraged to waive speedy trial and stipulate to continuances. If defendants want an expedited trial, they shall file the request and that will be accomplished if possible when court resumes. Trials will not be vacated at this time but will be vacated if a resolution is not reached as they approach.

B. All necessary hearings and law motion appearances must be held via vision net.

5. For time sensitive DN, DJ, DI matters: All necessary hearings must be held with all parties appearing via vision net or phone.

6. For civil cases:

A. All trials and hearings scheduledc for before May 4, 2020, will be continued, as the scheduled time approaches, without setting a new date. New dates will be issued when more information is available.

B. For trials and hearings scheduled before May 4, 2020, parties may request rulings without appearances in appropriate matters. Parties in unconstested or limited issue matters MAY contact the Clerk or Court Administrator and request the Court to review the matter to determine if a limited vision net appearance for a hearing is appropriate.

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