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Home School Registration Requirements

As Beaverhead County’s public schools move toward the first day of school, those parents who wish to home school their children are also preparing for the new school year. Parents must notify the superintendent of schools of the county where their homeschool is located that their child is (or children are) being homeschooled.

The mandatory information parents need to provide the Superintendent’s office is (1) a written notice of the intent to home school and (2) the “Notification of Opportunity to Participate in Federally- funded Program” Form. These forms are available at the Superintendent’s office or may be requested through an email or phone call at 406.683.3737. The Superintendent’s email address is These forms take approximately 5-6 minutes to fill out and can be completed right in the office.

Parents must file these documents as soon as possible, but certainly before 1 October 2023.

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