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Game Damage Hunt Roster Online Registration Ends July 15

Hunters interested in participating in game damage hunt opportunities need to register online for the Hunt Roster by Thursday, July 15, through MyFWP. The roster is used by Fish, Wildlife & Parks to quickly respond to landowners who are eligible for game damage assistance in the prevention or reduction of property or crop damage primarily caused by deer, elk and/or antelope.

To register, hunters can log into their MyFWP account or click “look up draw results, register for lists” within the menu. Then select a preferred hunting district(s) for potential deer, elk and antelope damage hunts and submit. Hunters are asked to sign up for districts where they know the landscape and can respond quickly to game damage issues typically within 24 to 48 hours.

After registration closes, a randomly generated list will be created from the online registrations and will be posted to MyFWP accounts by July 20.

FWP will contact hunters if they are selected for a damage hunt opportunity via phone and/or email, so hunters are asked to ensure they have accurate contact information in their licensing profile. FWP may also utilize other means of hunter selection in lieu of the Hunt Roster, including first-come, first-served advertised opportunities, unsuccessful special license or permit applicant lists or lists of names supplied by landowners depending upon each damage situation. For more details on the FWP game damage assistance program visit:

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