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Dillon Volunteer Fire Dept. May Call Log

Dillon Volunteer Fire Department responded to 8 calls for service during the month of May 2022.

  • 05-01 MVA I-15 MM 79

  • 05-03 MVA Hwy 41 MM 10

  • 05-09 Smoke Alarm N. Idaho St

  • 05-16 Gas Leak Lovers Leap Rd

  • 05-17 Grass Fire (false alarm)

  • 05-23 MVA Hwy 91 N MM 13.5

  • 05-28 Fire Alarm (Bannack State Park) False Alarm

  • 05-31 Gas Leak N Montana St

We are preparing for the upcoming wildland fire season. Our trainings for the month of May were wildland related. We completed our annual wildland refresher course & the physical standards pack test. We had 4 members complete the crew boss & engine boss classes as well. We were also involved in the It’s Your Choice vehicle accident simulation for the high school students.

Please Please Please when you come upon an accident scene or construction zone……SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER. We recently had a vehicle come through an accident scene at a high rate of speed & run over some of our cones…..SLOW DOWN & MOVE OVER….Everyone’s safety is at risk.

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