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Dillon Martial Arts Students Compete In Mt State Taekwondo Championship Tournament

Dillon Martial Arts student athletes competed in the MT State Taekwondo Championship tournament in Butte on Saturday. Congratulations to Jamie Barba, Silas Barba, Colter Cullen, Cedric DeCock, Abigail Eason, Phineas Fitch, Olivia Ford, Rylee Ford, Isaac Freeman, Mason Hansen, Koen Malesich, Shannon Maness, Stuart Maness, and Levin Newby. A special shout-out to Isaac and Levin, who came in first in both events for their division, and are now 2022 MT Taekwondo State Champions!

  • Jamie Barba: bronze medal

  • Silas Barba: silver and bronze medals

  • Colter Cullen: silver and bronze medals

  • Phineas Fitch: gold and silver medals

  • Olivia Ford: silver and bronze medals

  • Rylee Ford: gold and bronze medals

  • Isaac Freeman: two gold medals

  • Stuart Maness: gold and silver medals

  • Levin Newby: two gold medals

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