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Dillon Holds Off Frenchtown With A 27-21 Homecoming Win

Last night the Dillon Beavers Football faced off against the Frenchtown Broncs. Dillon came out and scored the first 13 points of the game, but after halftime the Broncs took the lead, 14-13.

A few costly mistakes would allow the Broncs to take a 14-13 lead. The beavers responded with a drive. Kale Konen rand for a 42-yard TD, giving him his second one of the night. Followed by a failed conversion this gave the beavers a 19-14 lead.

Dillon was able to force a punt from Frenchtown, but fumbled the snap on the next play. Frenchtown took full advantage and was able to score from it.

Dillon came back to answer with an 85 yard drive with a score by Christiansen.

Frenchtown came close to scoring but turned the ball over on downs, with 30 seconds left the beavers took the kneel to finish the game 27 to 21.

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