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Bulldogs Fall Short Second Straight Loss At Vigilante Field

The UMW Bulldogs dropped their second game this homecoming weekend at Vigilante Field. They lost 26-41 against Rocky Mountain College.

The dogs struggled in the first half as rain fell and made playing conditions less than desirable. Rocky scored first with a 39 yard-touchdown pass by Rockies quarterback George Tribble. The Bulldogs defense began to step it up later in the first quarter as Rocky fumbled the ball, and the Bulldogs were able to score before the end of the first half.

The second half the Bulldogs allowed the Bears to score 34 points. Reese Neville would score off a 75-yard rushing touchdown. The next drive you would see the Bulldogs give up a 31-yard touchdown pass that would put the momentum back to Rocky and they would finish the game with a 41-26 victory over the Bulldogs.

The Bulldogs take on the Southern Oregon Raiders next Saturday on the road.

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