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Beaverhead County Transportation Committee Meeting




July 20, 2022 at 10:00 A.M.

Call to Order

Roll Call and Introduction of New Members and Guests

Approval of July 21, 2021 Meeting Minutes

Items for Discussion

A. MCA & ARM Laws regarding the County Transportation Committee

1. Membership - MCA 20-10-131

2. Duties – MCA 20-10-132

3. Meeting Requirements – MCA 20-10-131(3) & ARM 10.7.101(2)(c)

4. Reminders for submission of forms are attached – please share with District Clerk or

Transportation Manager.

B. Safety Concerns

1. Continued Precautions due to CoVid 19

2. Other

C. Road Maintenance, which may affect transportation/bus routes for 2022-2023

1. Highway 43 Project in Wisdom and Wise River Areas should not impact travel

2. Other .

Items for Action

A. Approval/Disapproval of Bus Routes – maps and route changes/additions

1. BCHS – Review 2022-2023 routes & agreements for Bus Route #1

i. Agreement with Butte School District for Melrose Post Office Stop inside

Butte’s Transportation Area, if needed.

ii. Agreement with Melrose Elementary to allow Dillon Elementary students to

ride BCHS bus, if needed

iii. Motion

2. Reichle – Review 2022-2023 Route - Motion needed

3. Lima – Review of 2022-2023 Routes 21-1, 21-2, 21-3, 21-4, - Motion needed

B. Individual & Isolation Contracts - approval/disapproval/adjustments

1. BCHS – 1 Isolation – Motion needed

2. Grant – 1 and 2 Isolation – Motion needed

3. Jackson – 1 – Motion needed

4. Lima – 2 – Motion needed

5. Polaris – ? – Motion needed

6. Wisdom – 1 – Motion needed

7. Wise River – 2– Motion needed

8. Additional Regular Individual Contracts during 2022-2023 school year - Motion needed

Items for August Meeting, if needed

A. Set date and time

Public Comment


Reminders for submission of Transportation Forms and Reports.

(On OPI Transportation Site)

A. Transportation Definitions MCA 20-10-101

B. Bus Inspection Forms (TR-13) MCA 61-9-502

1. First Semester – Inspect 30 days prior to beginning of semester and due to County

Superintendent prior to the first day of school.

2. Second Semester – Inspect prior to January 31, 2021 and due to County Superintendent

prior to first day of second semester.

B. Bus Driver Certificates (TR35)

1. Qualifications of Bus Drivers MCA 20-10-103 & ARM 10.7.111

2. Renew as needed and enter into OPI Transportation Website prior to expiration of

license, first aid, CPR, and medical.

3. Substitutes must be entered into the OPI Transportation Website and hold a School Bus

Driver Certificate prior to driving bus.

4. Submit signed copy of the TR-35 to the County Superintendent as soon as possible after

upgrading on the OPI Transportation Site.

C. MCA & ARM Laws on Transportation Funding

1. Bus Rates – MCA 20-10-141

2. Individual Transportation Contracts (TR-4) – MCA 20-10-124 & 20-10-142

For returning students, due to the clerk by June 1 of each year. Submit to County

Superintendent before the Transportation Meeting.

For new students, submit as soon as possible.

3. State and County Reimbursements – MCA 20-10-145 & 20-10-146

Transportation Claims (TR-5 and TR-6) due to County Superintendent in Feb and May.

State reimbursement is paid in August, March and June. County reimbursement is paid

in March and June.

D. Bus Routes (TR-1 & TR-2) due November 1.

E. Transportation of Nonresident Students – Eligible vs. Ineligible Transportees MCA 20-5-

320, 20-5-321, & 20-5-322

Out-of-District Agreement (FP-14) – must be completed and signed by both districts for each

student who attends a district outside the district of residence. For returning students, these

are due back to the school prior to the first day of school. Please submit to County Supt on or

before September 17, 2021 for all who ride buses.

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