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Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office Updates Alder Creek Fire Evacuations

During a meeting with the Southern Blue team that is assigned to the Alder creek fire, it

was determined that the following changes in evacuation status are in order.

Effective at 1200 hours, August 9, 2021:

Highway 43 from Mile Marker 35 to the County Line at Mile Marker 41.5. This includes the

residents on Doolittle Creek Road and North Doolittle Creek Road. Will remain in Stage 1


Southside of Hwy 43 from Alder Creek Road to Dickie Bridge. Will be changed to Stage 1


Alder Creek drainage. All Evacuation status will be removed.

Southside of Hwy 43 from Alder Creek Road to MM62. All Evacuation status will be removed.

Westside of the Scenic Byway from the Wisdom Airport to Harriette Lou Road. Will be

changed to Stage 1 Evacuations.


There is a high probability of the need for evacuation. Law Enforcement

personnel/representatives will attempt to make personal visits to each residence and business in the threatened area. Some residents, primarily those with special health needs or other concerns, should relocate during this stage of evacuation.


Evacuation is necessary in order to protect the lives of area occupants and emergency

personnel responding to the incident. Law Enforcement personnel shall attempt to convey this

order/request to citizens door to door, however if this is not practical or possible this information may be delivered via a public address system from a patrol vehicle. Should the later method be employed the personnel will activate emergency lights and siren before and after the notification.

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