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Beaverhead County Museum Opens New Exhibit With Historic Activities

The Beaverhead County Museum in Dillon, Mt, has a new exhibit entitled Indigenous Peoples of Southwest Montana. To celebrate the occasion they held a day to show off the exhibit as well as activities to help people understand the period of time the museum exhibit covers.

On Friday night a private viewing and trip to the Wheat Bison Jump, followed by a presentation by local author and Archeologist Carl M. Davis and a presentation on the new display by curator Ron Loge. Kicked off the activities.

On Saturday you could take a short bus trip to the buffalo jump and learn how the Indigenous people used them to hunt and kill animals. At the museum one could learn first hand on the tanning of hides. The use of a primitive weapon called an atlatl, one could sample bison tongue as well as beaver tail and many other informative events.

If you would like to see the new display as well as take a tour of the Beaverhead County Museum you can either call them at 406-683-5027 or stop by at 15 South Montana Street.

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