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Beaverhead County Museum Board Of Trustees Meeting 09/22/2021


Board of Trustees

Agenda, Regular Meeting

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 @ 5 PM

15 S Montana Street

Dillon, Montana 59725 (Old Depot Theatre)

1. Introduction of Guests:

2. Approval of consent agenda:

Trustees (7): John Breen, John Garry, Lee Graves, Aggie Helle, Donna Jones, Lorraine King, Neal Straus

a. Director, Present: Candi Whitworth

3. Trustees Excused Absent:

4. Treasurer’s Report:

a. Neal Straus

5. Association Report:

a. Dale Giem

  1. Old Business:

    1. Labor Day Weekend

    2. Flagpole

    3. Indigenous Peoples Exhibit – Ron Loge

    4. Monument equipment update – John Breen

  2. New Business:

    1. Report from events/exhibit committee – Donna Jones

    2. Security at the depot

    3. Museum closing date

  3. Director’s Report: Season update, research, facilities, pipe breakage at museum

  4. Other Business:

  5. Public Discussion:

Public comment on items of significant public interest not on the agenda and within the jurisdiction of the Beaverhead County Museum Board of Trustees.

  1. Set date of the next meeting: Wednesday October 20, 2021 @5pm Depot Theatre

  2. Adjournment:

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