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Beaver Baseball Fall To Butte Bulldogs (Full Gallery)

It was a chilly, windy day Thursday, March 21, when the Beavers went against the Butte Bulldogs at Ray Lynch Park.

It was a back and forth battle, as the Beavers collected 13 hits. The Bulldogs would get on the scoreboard in the first inning after Zack O"Connell homered to left field, scoring two runs, and then Matthew Donaldson hit a sacrifice fly, scoring one run for the Bulldogs.

Bottom of the second Kale Konen would triple, tying up the game.

The Bulldogs would take the lead back in the third inning. The Beavers would be determined to come back in the bottom of the third, scoring six runs on five hits to take the lead 9 to 5. A ground out by Taylor Handlos would be the play to help with the lead.

The Beavers would fall behind in the fifth to come back at the bottom of the sixth thanks to a single by Tackett, a walk by Andrew Bartlome, a hit by a pitch, and a single by Marcus Lagunas.

The Beavers accumulated thirteen hits in the game. Konen, Moreni, and Lagunas each collected multiple hits for the Beavers. The Beavers' patience at the plate paid off with eight walks for the game. Beavers had four stolen bases, two of those belonging to Bartlome.

With a back and forth battle through the whole game, the Bulldogs would walk away with a 19 to 16 win, giving the Beavers their first loss of the season.

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