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Alder Creek, Trail Creek, Christensen, and Black Mountain Fire Update 08/11/2021

Alder Creek

Size: 11,800 Acres

Containment: 10%

Location: 7 miles west of Wise River, MT

Start Date: July 8, 2021

Cause: Unknown

Total personnel: 375

Alder Creek Fire: A helicopter dropped water for most of the day on the southeast side of the fire near Deno Creek, reducing fire spread. Crews continue to construct control lines northwest of the fire near Calvert Hill. This will provide an anchor point to fight the fire should it move in that direction. Fire engines will continue to patrol Highway 43 and the Pioneer Scenic Byway and test and run sprinklers around structures.

Trail Creek

Size: 35,965 Acres

Containment: 26%

Location: 20 miles west of Wisdom, MT

Start Date: July 8, 2021

Cause: Lightning

Total personnel: 213

Trail Creek Fire: Three helicopters spent the shift dropping water on the southeast corner of the fire in Idaho. Heavy equipment is being utilized to widen the control line along Gibbonsville road to 100’. This will greatly improve the probability of success for stopping the fire should it reach the road. Structure protection work is complete in Gibbonsville so crews are focused on patrolling and running sprinklers. Along Lost Trail Road, equipment is skidding and decking logs to prepare for their removal before being damaged by fire. The fire continues to move north of Big Hole Battlefield and firefighters are positioned in the park should the fire change direction. Containment lines south of Big Hole continue to hold, preventing the fire from reaching private property. Engines will continue to patrol this area.


Size: 8,766 Acres

Containment: 10%

Location: 12 miles west of Wise River, MT

Start Date: July 16, 2021

Cause: Unknown

Total personnel: 18

Christensen Fire: Since the west side of the fire is contained, crews will continue to construct line on the south side of the fire moving east. This line is characterized as direct attack, meaning crews are building line along or very near to the fire’s edge. The containment lines being constructed near Calvert Hill will also provide a control feature to check up or stop the fire should it make it run to the north.

Black Mountain

Size: 1,042 Acres

Containment: 75%

Location: 13 miles south of Jackson, MT

Start Date: July 17, 2021

Cause: Lightning

Total Personnel: 41

Black Mountain Fire: Containment has grown to 75 percent as no fire activity has been observed for over a week. Contingency lines are complete should the situation change. Firefighters will mop up, chip dead and down debris, and monitor.

Fire Weather Today: Today’s temperatures will be 78 to 84 with a minimum relative humidity between 16 to 23 percent and West to Northwest winds at 10 to 13mph with gusts to 25mph. There is a predicted drying trend through the weekend with increasing temperatures and decreasing humidity.

Major Closures:

Hwy 43 and Pioneer Byway remain open. Motorists are asked to slow down and be on the alert for firefighters, heavy smoke, and downed trees.

Please check the Montana DOT Road Report website for current conditions.

Continental Divide Trail: Closed from Lemhi Pass north to Mussigbrod Creek.

Big Hole National Battlefield is closed until further notice.

North and South VanHouten, Miner Lakes, Twin Lakes, May Creek and Divide Bridge Campgrounds are closed.

Forest Closure orders are in effect for all three fires.

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