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4th Beaverhead County Resident Dies From COVID-19

Beaverhead County Health Public Health deeply regrets to report that another Beaverhead County resident has died from COVID-19 on November 30, 2020. The individual is a man in his 70s who was hospitalized in a Missoula County facility. Public Health will not release the deceased’s location of residence or death unless there is a public health reason to do so.

As of December 2nd, at 1pm, Beaverhead County has 914 total cases with 65 active, and 27 total hospitalizations with 4 currently hospitalized. For questions about COVID-19 please visit the DPPHS COVID-19 website or the CDC website. For your safety and the safety of the community, continue practicing social distancing, wearing a mask, staying home as often as possible, and performing frequent handwashing. Please consider no holiday gatherings such as company Christmas parties and limiting the number of people at home gatherings.

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