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10th annual International Independent Video Store Day Going On Today at Dillon Video

Growing up as a child of the 80s, we had the Big Sky Cinema as our main place to watch movies. But then one day, that all changed. My dad brought home our first VCR when I was a kid, and it was a magical device that held a VHS tape. We could now go to the video store to choose movies—movies that we may not have even known existed to those classic favorites we would watch on repeat and destroy our parents’ sanity with.

You see, the video store allowed it so that if you missed seeing a movie in the theater, you could find it a couple months later and rent it at your own convenience. And in fact, Dillon, at one time, had three video rental stores.

In today’s world, we have a plethora of sources to watch movies, from streaming online to Redbox or Netflix. However, Dillon is incredibly lucky and unique in that we still have a special video store. Dillon Video has been a staple to this community for decades, and this small business has survived the changing times by providing great customer service, along with changing up and reworking their business model. With over 16,000 titles to choose from, if there is a movie you are dying to find, rest assured, Dillon Video will have it, and it will be at a cheaper price than any other service out there.

Today is the 10th annual International Independent Video Store Day. But if you’re like me, you may be asking, what is International Video Store Day? According to International Independent Video Store website, it is:

“In an attempt to consolidate the power of the thousands of independently owned video stores still in operation across the continent and worldwide, we’ve created VIDEO STORE DAY! This international event will be celebrated and observed the third Saturday of October each year. It’s purpose is to promote the idea of supporting your local, independent video stores. Stores owned and staffed by human beings who can be relied upon for reviews and recommendations and who truly love what they do – otherwise, why else would they still be doing it?

Film fans, Directors, actors, producers, screen writers, distributors, labels and anyone in the home entertainment film industry who has a vested interest in working together to promote this industry from the bottom up, should take this day to join with us as independently owned video stores across the world act together, unified in purpose to take a stand and to celebrate the rich history and promising future of home video!”

To celebrate this day, our local video store, Dillon Video, will be having great specials all day October 17, along with the chance to win some great prizes, which include a snazzy car. Specials are going on from 11am until closing time at 9pm. Don’t miss out on this fun and come help support this local legendary video store!

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