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Zoning Commission Meeting

Tuesday, July 9th, 2024 at 7:00 P.M. 


Regular Meeting Agenda


1.    Call To Order


2.    Review and Approval of the Minutes of June 23rd, 2024 Regular Meeting


3.    Director of Operations Report


a.     Public Comment will be taken after discussion of items 4 by the Zoning Commission; followed by final discussion by the zoning commission; and final vote by the commission if necessary.


4.    Applications for Zoning Compliance Certificates for Review:

            2024-011           Rattey           Single Family Dwelling           76 Thomas Dr

            2024-012           DBSA             Concession Building                Ray Lynch Park

            2024-013           George          Garage                                        116 Skihi St


5.    Review Impact Fees


6.    Review Parking Requirements 17.48 Ordinance



7.    Public Comment on Items of Significant Public Interest Not on the Agenda                   and Within the Jurisdiction of the Zoning Commission.


8.      Adjournment


2024-07-09 Zoning Packet
Download PDF • 22.92MB

            PLEASE NOTE: A Zoom link is available. Join the meeting with Zoom ID: 770-316-6528,  allowing permission for mic and camera (if using a computer go to   and use Passcode 4245.


zoning Commission Members:   Justin Rooley(Chair), Raymond Graham, Russ Schwandt, Mike                                                   Watson

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