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Wyatt Storey Butte Dolphins Swim Team Swimmer Heads to California for Competition

The Butte Dolphins are heading to California! Dolphins

swimmer Wyatt Storey will be heading to Folsom, California, in March 2023 for the

Southwestern Age Group Regionals (SWAGR) swim meet. Wyatt has six qualified

time cuts and three bonus cuts for the ten and under swimmers representing


The Helena Dolphins Swim Team, a second location for the Dolphins, will also

send Tatum Murray to California representing ten and under girls.

To participate in certain meets, swimmers must meet a specific time standard for

their age group. These standards get faster as swimmers progress and increase in

skill and performance. The Southwestern Age Group Regionals (SWAGR) is held

yearly and is the next level above Montana State Championships. Regionals

include teams from 5-8 different swim LSCs, and swimmers qualify within their age


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