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Women's Resource Center And Vibrant Lives Partner To Support Survivors: In Power: Mindfulness For Survivors Of Domestic Violence And Sexual Assault

Dillon, MT - The Women's Resource Center (WRC) and Vibrant Lives of Montana are pleased to announce a collaborative effort to offer "InPower: Mindfulness for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault," a free, transformative eight-week program designed to empower survivors in our community.

Starting April 30 and concluding June 25, 2024, the program will be led by Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, Yoga Educator, and Meditation Instructor Melainya Ryan at the WRC, 236 E. Reeder Street, Dillon, MT. Sessions are every Tuesday from 6:00-7:30 p.m. Dinner is provided.

"We believe that every survivor deserves the opportunity to reclaim their power and learn how to prioritize their own well-being," said Melainya Ryan, Founder of Vibrant Lives of Montana. "Through 'InPower,' we hope to create a confidential, safe space for survivors to explore and connect with their inner strength and resilience."

The eight-week program aims to equip survivors with essential tools and insights to foster self-love, resilience and holistic wellbeing. Through mindfulness practices and guided discussions, participants will delve into topics such as attachment, the human nervous system, emotional regulation, and the mind-body connection.

  • Week 1: Intro of Mindfulness and Self Care as a Deep, Disciplined Care of the Mind, Body and Spirit

  • Week 2: Attachment: The Lens through Which We Learn to Trust Ourselves, Others and this Life

  • Week 3: The Function of the Human Nervous System

  • Week 4: The Wonder of Emotion

  • Week 5: Welcome to the Storm

  • Week 6: Finding the Eye of the Tornado

  • Week 7: The Power of Now

  • Week 8: InPower: Mindfulness - Tying it All Together

"We are thrilled to partner with Vibrant Lives of Montana to offer a program that teaches self-awareness and self-care," said Rebecca Knotts, Executive Director of the Women's Resource Center. "Together, we are committed to providing survivors with the support and resources they need to heal and thrive.

Registration for "InPower: Mindfulness for Survivors of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault" is now open. For more information, please contact Izzi Simonsen at (406) 683-6106 or register online registration at

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