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Wolf Hunting, Trapping Seasons Close In Region 3

The hunting and trapping of wolves in Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks’ Region 3 (southwest Montana) closed today.

Last month, the Fish and Wildlife Commission voted to close wolf hunting and trapping in Region 3 upon the harvest of 82 wolves in the region.

With the hunting and trapping season closed, trappers in the region must remove their equipment from the field as quickly as possible.

Region 3 includes wolf management units (WMU) 330, 320, 310, 313, 316 and portions of 390. WMU 390 also includes portions of Regions 4, 5 and 6.

Those interested in up-to-date information on the status of Montana’s wolf harvest can view FWP’s wolf dashboard, which shows the number of wolves harvested by region and wolf management unit (WMU). The dashboard is updated multiple times per day.

For all wolf hunting and trapping regulations and information, visit FWP's wolf webpage.

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