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UMW Student Awarded Sigma Tau Delta Scholarship

Emily Engen, a UMW senior and English major, recently received a Sigma Tau Delta scholarship for the upcoming fall semester. The $1,000 "Regents: High Plains" scholarship was awarded to Engen based on her excellence in academics. The Sigma Tau Delta International English Honor Society awards its scholarships to members based on the quality of their writing, academics, and community service.

Emily Engen is from Fort Benton, Montana, and graduated from Fort Benton High School. She came to Montana Western because of the small class sizes and the block schedule. Engen says the block system allows her to “make the most of my education by diving deeply into each class and engaging myself fully in it.”

When asked about her chosen major, Engen said, “I chose to major in English because effective communication is integral to our success as humans, and our words have power. By studying literature, I’ve been able to examine and analyze the words of others, but also build my own voice. There is so much potential for growth and knowledge between the covers of a book, and I believe that through the study of literature we are able to foster empathy, encourage curiosity, and bridge gaps in understanding.”

Engen is excited and thankful for this scholarship and says that it will go towards tuition costs for the fall semester. “This scholarship will make such a difference! I am almost finished at Montana Western, and this scholarship will help me move closer to my goal of graduating college debt-free.”

According to Engen, Montana Western’s Experience One program was key to her success in academics. “I think UMW’s Experience One program is a remarkable and unique framework that more people need to take advantage of! I have learned so much by being able to devote my energy to one course at a time, and I have had educational experiences within my classes that have shaped my goals and future aspirations.”

After graduation, Engen hopes to teach English abroad so she can see more of the world and learn about other cultures.

For more information about Experience One and the University of Montana Western, or to schedule a visit, call 877-683-7331 or visit

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