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Two Officers Receive Hats Off Award From Kiwanis

Wednesday afternoon the Kiwanis of Dillon met at the Beaverhead Brewing Company for a special occasion. They where giving the Hats Off Award to two deserving officers.

Officers Rumsey and Aguirre responded to an apartment fire on the night of March 11, 2023 the building still had occupants inside and the fire department had not arrived on the scene. The two officers made the quick decision to enter the building and get the occupants to safety. The two officers where treated for smoke inhalation afterwards.

Kiwanis president Mike Miller stated "he couldn't think of two people more deserving of the award".

Officer Rumsey also mentioned that "officer Aguirre was in the early stages of his training and did not hesitate for a moment to follow him into the building".

Officer Aguirre code name "Jaguar" accepts his award from Mike Miller

Officer Rumsey accepts his award from Mike Miller

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