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Two Missing Men From Beaverhead County Have Been Located

Jason Morris and Derek Gore both recently went missing in Beaverhead County. Jason's vehicle was found on the south side of Clark Canyon dam and Derek left on his motorcycle and hadn't been seen in a while and had no contact with anyone.

The Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office announced today (10/13/2021) that both men were spotted the day before in St George Utah on motorcycles. Jason returned home early Wednesday morning and both men had left together. Derek has not returned home and will remain in the NCIC database until located. The whole post can be seen below.

MISSING PERSON UPDATE: Tuesday afternoon the Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office received a call from a gentleman in St. George Utah who saw 2 men on motorcycles the day before matching the descriptions of Jason Morris and Derek Gore. He particularly recognized the unique motorcycle that Derek was riding. Both bikes had Montana plates. Undersheriff Knox talked to the man who looked on Facebook posts for Jason and Derek on the BCSO page and said he was 100% certain it was them. Early Wednesday morning Jason showed up at his home south of Dillon. His family is grateful for all the efforts to find Jason. Jason confirmed that he and Derek left together, but Derek has not returned home. The Missing Person alert for Jason is canceled but Derek will remain in the NCIC database until located. The Beaverhead County Sheriff's Office would like to thank Beaverhead Search and Rescue went above and beyond for over a week with their usual professional methods and tactics, 9 search dogs teams from all over Western Montana who assisted in the search, numerous other Law Enforcement agencies who provided assistance particularly the Dillon Police Department for helping gather information on both men, and especially the public who spread the word via social media and word of mouth.

Undersheriff Bill Knox

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