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Traveling Volunteers Help Revitalize Facilities At Bannack State Park

Volunteers and Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks staff recently completed a major revitalization project at Bannack State Park.

The 23-person volunteer crew participated through A Year to Volunteer. This project brings together people who travel in their recreational vehicles to perform service in communities around the country. With help from FWP staff, volunteers donated 1,011 hours of service over the course of nine days. Their work accomplished several projects benefiting the park:

  • 500 feet of boardwalk reconstructed

  • New steps and stringers installed on the Hotel Meade front porch

  • 253 windows cleaned

  • 35 buildings deep cleaned

  • Porch roof and floor replaced at the Mabel Ovitt House

  • Graffiti removed in 10 buildings

This project was also supported by AmeriCorps, as well as donations from the Bannack Association and The Home Depot.

About 20 miles west of Dillon, Bannack State Park is a National Historic Landmark and the site of Montana’s first major gold discovery in 1862. More than 50 historic buildings line Bannack’s Main Street. The park holds events throughout the year to commemorate Bannack’s significant role in Montana history.

Park staff work continuously to preserve this large array of historic infrastructure while keeping it open to visitors year-round. FWP relies heavily on partnerships with nonprofit organizations, businesses and other supporters to accomplish this work.

“People around the country recognize Bannack State Park as a historical treasure of the West,” said park manager Dale Carlson. “We greatly appreciate all those who donated time, labor and materials this season to improve the experience for visitors at Bannack, while preserving its historical integrity. Their service will benefit the park and its visitors for many years to come.”

For more information about Bannack State Park, visit

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