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Trailer House Fire & Recurring Flare Ups Bring Up Concerns Of City Ordinance & Property Maintenance

The Dillon Volunteer Fire department was called out to a trailer fire Sunday night. Firefighters were able to put out the flames and keep nearby houses and structures safe from the fire. The trailer however was a complete loss.

In the following days firefighters have been called back to the scene as the fire reignited due to debris on the property. On Tuesday the DVFD along with city employees brought in a backhoe and were able to dig through the debris and get water to the underlying hot spots.

The fire is believed to be started by electrical failure of sorts but is still under investigation. The trailer had no electricity or running water to it. A power cord running from another trailer behind it was supplying power to those living inside.

The property the trailer sits on is littered with old vehicles, and random items along with buckets of human waste on the outside. Earlier in the year the City Council began to tackle what to do with vehicles, and belongings sitting on a property that pose a hazard. For the most part the council members and some public argued over what would be classified as a junk vehicle or a family heirloom. The ordinance has seemed to stall in council with no further advancement. But looking at the scene of this fire and the constant worry from neighbors, along with the man hours from the Volunteer Fire Department it is clear that this topic needs to be revived in the City Council along with code enforcement and ways to clean up problem properties that pose both a health hazard and fire hazard.

DVFD works on dousing hotspots Tuesday morning

City employee uses a backhoe to dig through debris to get water to underlying structure.

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