Trail Creek, Alder Creek, Sand Lake, & Christensen Fire Updates 09/07/2021


Weather conditions yesterday caused fire activity to increase. The fire made a push

towards Gibbonsville area. Ground and air resources shifted to help create containment

lines and improve fuel breaks. Additional resources have been ordered.

The fire continues to push along the ridgeline between Three Mile Creek and Smithy

Creek. Fixed wing aircraft created a retardant line along the ridge to help reinforce the

fuel break. Salix Creek and the area south of Highway 43 saw an increase in fire activity.

Weather conditions are expected to improve today, but high winds, high temperatures

and low relative humidity are expected to return Wednesday.

Size 44,254 Acres

Containment 58%


The Alder Creek and Christensen fires have merged and will now be reported as the

Alder Creek Fire. Additional resources have been ordered.

The fire burned active yesterday, driven by high winds and dry conditions. Winds are

expected to lighten today but return to critical levels Wednesday and through the rest of

the week. Fire activity will moderate today, but weather conditions the rest of the week

will create extreme fire behavior and fire growth is expected.

Size 28,360 Acres

Containment 24%


An Infrared Mapping Flight happened over the fire area early this morning, giving fire

managers a good idea of the size and most active sections of this incident. While the fire

is more established and active, growth is minimal, moving slowly along the side of the

mountain. Crews will continue to monitor the fire and evaluate values at risk.

Size 154 Acres

Containment 0%

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