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The Last Frontier Boxing Matches Thrill Packed Crowd

Updated: Feb 29

Friday, February 10, The Frontier Events Center was the place to be in Dillon as NXT Gen Entertainment held the Last Frontier Valentines Weekend Fight Night in front of a crowd of over 800 boxing fans. The crowd was standing room only as people came in to watch fighters from Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Wyoming take on one another in the 11 matches scheduled.

With nonstop action to keep the crowd entertained up first where Jaxon Whitmire in the red corner vs Darius Kelly in the blue corner. The two amateur youngsters both made their boxing debut and put on a great show. In the end Jaxon Whitmire came out as the winner.

Next up was Quirt Crafton in the red corner vs Maverick Staley in the blue corner. They would go toe to toe for three rounds with Maverick Staley being declared the winner.

Trevor Piece in the red corner would take on Colton Ritzinger in the blue corner with Colton being declared the winner. Up next was Cody West out of the red corner vs Shawn Kline in the blue corner. Not breaking the blue corners streak of wins Shawn would take the win again in that match.

Fans would get a quick intermission to grab a drink or some food before the matches would resume. Up next was Chad Funk in the red corner vs Cody Wright in the blue corner again the win would go to the blue corner and Cody. Jack Griswold vs Michael Marceau would see another win for the blue corner when Micheal was declared the winner of that match. Next on deck was Tyler Smook vs Jacob Fridley with Jacob taking the win another for the blue corner. Gerald Wood vs Armand Dissante would see boxers give it their all as they went toe to toe and Gerald was declared the winner for the red corner.

Fans would get another intermission as ring girls threw out T-shirts to the crowd before the Co-Main Event was to take place. Up first in the co-main event was Marnic Mann vs Justine Beltran, the only ladies fighting for the night. Mann is an MMA fighter making her debut in the boxing ring. She did not disappoint and kept the wins coming for the red corner.

The next fight between Thomas Allison vs Chandler Hall would see the night's only TKO as Allison bested Hall in this fight.

The main event featured Dillon boxer Erik Lights Out Lopez vs Logan Lunceford the match would go five rounds as both boxers laid it all on the line. Both bleeding and exhausted at the end of the fifth round, Lopez would be declared the winner in front of his hometown crowd.

Check out the full picture gallery below as well as the video.

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