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State Choir Results

From Carolyn Van Slyke

I am extremely proud of our choir students. They have worked so hard to prepare and perfect their ensembles, solos, and duets. All our entries received Superior or Excellent ratings. They had a very successful festival.

Teen Tones received perfect scores (35/35) for their performance of Sound the Trumpet by Henry Purcell and for their very fun Sweet Adelines performance, Wait ‘Til the Sun Shines Nellie.

We are grateful to our accompanists, Susie Steadman and Laurie Hagenbarth for the many hours of accompanying and coaching. They are huge contributors to the students’ success.

The Choirs and Ensembles will be performing at the Spring Choir Concert, Wednesday, May 17th at 7:30pm in the Auditorium. It will feature the Seniors with a showcase they planned. The theme is Decades, which will be a fun evening. I hope you will join us to celebrate their accomplishments.

Superior Performances:

  • Teen Tones-I

  • Sweet Adelines-I

  • Mixed Ensemble-I


  • Jesse Bojkovsky/ Daniel Kadrmas-I

  • Kyrah Mitchell/Audrey Zeren-I

  • Olivia Kailey/ Emma Lovaas-I

  • Emma Lovaas/Chris Valach-I


  • Jesse Bojkovsky-I

  • Daniel Kadrmas-I

  • Chris Valach-I

  • Olivia Kailey-I

  • Kaycee Pilon-I

  • Audrey Zeren-I

  • Emma Lovaas-I

  • Hannah Carlisle-Piano-I

Excellent Performances:

  • Men’s Ensemble-II

  • Women’s Ensemble-II


  • Athena Diaz/ Ronnie Porter-II

  • Kyrah Mitchell/Lacey Pape-II

  • Sheridan Ferguson/ Emma Lovaas-II


  • Sheridan Ferguson-II

  • Katie Johnson-II

  • Dean Smith-II

  • Wyatt Schipman-II

  • Odin Carleton-II

  • Mary Huxtable-II

  • Hannah Carlisle-II

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