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Several Search & Rescue Members Participate In Wilderness Medicine Training

Beaverhead SAR News

Submitted By: Mel Rice-Public Relations


Several members of the Beaverhead Search and Rescue participated in a “Wilderness Medicine Training”.   The program was hosted by the University of Montana Western School of Outreach.  Bethanie Wharton is the program manager. The Wilderness First Aid Training took place over two full days.  The course was taught by Hannah at AERIE backcountry medicine. 

The 16 hour course covered patient assessment, patient management, traumatic emergencies, medical emergencies, environmental emergencies, and decision making.  Students participating in the course learned many assessment tools and survival procedures in order to provide critical patient care in wilderness settings.  Members of the Beaverhead SAR unit participating in the training were: Trent Cottom, Lawrence Morrisroe, Charle Wharton, and Trevor Hyland. 

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