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Seed All About It...

Dillon Public Library, along with the Dillon Garden Club, are hosting a local seed lending library for those with a green thumb or wishing to attain one. What is a seed library? A seed library is the same principle as a book library. A person can go in and check out the available seeds, they then plant said seeds and hope something grows. After the plant grows and produces seeds, you harvest the seeds and return them back to the seed library for others to check out the following year.

The program running today has topics of Seed Lending vs a Seed Bank. Participants could be some of the first to see what new seeds are available. Discussions will also include what your fellow gardeners grow in Dillon and the basics of seed harvesting. After participants learn the basic, they will have a hands on demonstration followed up by the Garden Clubs meeting from 2:30 to 3 today

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