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Search And Rescue Release More Info & Cost Involved With Search For Reported Missing Person

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

The Beaverhead Search and Rescue was called out on the 1st of October at 12:12 PM to search for an individual who walked away from his truck at the Lone Tree Campground.  The individual had not reported for work but notified his employer and asked him to pick up his truck from the Lone Tree campground.  Upon retrieving the truck, a note was found indicating a number of possibilities for his disappearance.  The Search and Rescue was notified and a search of the area commenced. 

Day 1 of the search was completed on the south end of Clark Canyon, checking for footprints leading into the lake or footprints heading to the mountains south of the reservoir.   There were no apparent leads as to his direction of travel from his truck and what is presumed to be the last known point.  With searchers on the ground, the perimeter of the lake was searched along with various ridges to the south and west of his truck were walked checking for the individual and or clues as to his location. Each day a fixed wing aircraft, piloted by members Lawrence Morrisroe and Dan Cahill, in addition Randy Bailey of Dillon Flying Service with spotters Brian Vinson and Alan Holt, was deployed from Dillon.  Multiple passes were made encompassing the south end of the lake as well as the mountains to the south of the reservoir.   A drone, operated by member Mark Smith, was also used to check out and take pictures in areas that would be more difficult for man search teams.  There were also multiple vehicles; side by sides, pickups, motorcycles, and 4 wheelers, used in  the search efforts to check numerous roads in the area.  Day 1 ended at 6:00 PM with nothing more than was had at the start of the day. 

On October 2nd, day 2 of the search, the same resources were deployed back into the search area and the S&R members continued to research areas with high probability and areas further to the south, east, and west.  After two days of searching and accumulating a total of 175 search/man hours and 735 search miles the search was suspended until further notice.   Later that week with more information having been collected, it was determined that search dogs would be brought in to search the areas.   On Friday evening, October 8th, 8 dog teams and handlers arrived in Dillon to begin searching on Saturday, October 9th.  Dog teams were deployed into high probability areas but came up with nothing.  The dog teams, comprised of dog, handler, and support individual, accumulated 112 hour during their time in the field.  They also covered 100 plus miles.   While the dog teams were searching specific areas, other BVHD S&R members continued their search in areas outside the dog team perimeters.   Those Search and Rescue members accumulated 281 miles and put 125 man hours in the field that day.

The total cost to the unit for the three day search came to +$6700.00.  When the Search and Rescue brings in dog handlers and dogs, it is customary to pay for their motel and meals.  The cost for the 8 dog teams was +$4400.00.

Members participating in the 3 days of searching include: IC-Trent Cottom, IC- Jeanne Dawson, Operations-Dan Cahill, Logistics- Brian Vinson, Wade Bush, Tara Remely, Julia Clark, Chuck Maddox, Clint Rouse, Mark Smith, Nathan Freeman, Shane Puyear, Tom McKnight, Trent Cottom, Zane Wood, Alan Holt, Lawrence Morrisroe, Mel Rice, Alex Dunn, Graden Greenslade, Kolby Malesich, Park Scott, and Steve Scott.   Dave Kauffman with True North Search Dogs coordinated all the dog teams while Bob Braun, DVM, from the Dillon Small Animal Hospital was on call in case there was an emergency with one of the dogs while in the field.

After three days of searching, an accumulated 1,016 miles on the ground were logged, and over 404 total man hours were spent in the field searching for an individual who returned home to his family after 6 days of being somewhere else in the world.    We truly are “In the Business of Saving Lives”.     Your Beaverhead Search and Rescue…

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