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Ron And His Rocky Mountain Vision

Ron Carroll had a vision when he started Rocky Mountain Framing & Memorabilia. “There is a story behind everything, and it should be framed and enjoyed for future generations. Now, more than ever, time seems to be speeding by. In the hubbub of life and responsibilities, we forget to stop and take in the precious moments. Time isn’t promised. Only the here and now. And it should be treasured.

Rocky Mountain Framing & Memorabilia wants to help you sit back and enjoy those events. Everything from as simple as framing a cool rock you found on your last family vacation. Or the day you graduated college, while working full time, while also eating ramen full time. How about the instant you kissed your spouse at the altar? Or for the pros out there, the time your children and grandchildren threw you a surprise 50th anniversary party.

Do you like stuff? How about cool pictures or items from your favorite celebrity? And if that isn’t the bees knees, the memorabilia is autographed and framed to perfection. Not only does Ron have a premade selection of celebrity items, but he is up to the task of helping you frame or shadow box any item.

No, no, no! Mr. Carroll is no one-trick pony. With years of preserving his own stash of memorabilia, he is more than qualified to see your vision, follow you through the journey, and make its way to your home’s walls. Whether you just moved into your house or you’ve decided to redecorate one room, nothing says spring like a good sprucing. Rocky Mountain Framing & Memorabilia is there to help you reimagine your space. Frame restoration, vintage Montana posters such as Bannack Days, and those hard to find autographed celebrity memorabilia. It is all one downtown Dillon visit away.

” Ron can also help provide a more economical framing solution with pre-made frames of all sizes for anyone who can’t afford or does not need a custom frame job. While not always possible, he strives for a 2-3 week turnaround time on most framing projects.

Make sure to stop by 34 N. Idaho Street, Suite 3, right next to Southwestern Montana News and African Oasis on Saturday, April 1 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Not only will there be a ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce at 11 a.m., but you can enter a special drawing, as well as be eligible for door prizes. Light refreshments will be available as Ron, himself, shows you how easy the process is. He will demonstrate how to pick a frame and matte board from his samples, allowing you to see how personal and creative the end product is. Because if there’s one thing you need to know about Ron, it’s that he strives for a product he’s proud of.

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